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TTs/workshops/lecture series

Yin/Part 1 - Intro to Teaching Yin Yoga - 15 hours

Fundamentals and Anatomical Variations:

    Analyze, observe and practice the elements of Yin Yoga

     Discuss variations in anatomy

     Sequencing for a Yin class

Yin/Part 2 - 15 hours

Functional Alignment:

     Continue discussion of alignment
     Discuss muscle, fascia and energy lines
     The art of assisting and adjusting in Yin Yoga

200 hour Yin Training

In this training we will analyze, observe and practice all of these elements of Yin Yoga in depth.

Core Modules:

     Yin Yoga - Theory and Practice
     Chakras and Meridians
     Anatomy of Yoga

      Traditional Chinese Medicine

Functional Anatomy Training

Joe is available to teach the anatomy section of Yoga Teacher Trainings.   

Flying Dragon Yoga (Yang Yoga)

The quiet, long held, deep tissue work of Yin Yoga is only half of the equation in a fuller Taoist Yoga practice. Yang Yoga is its complement of continuous movement to bring strong blood and chi movement into the Yogis muscles and meridians.

In this session we will explore the Flying Dragon sequence: Big circular movements, graceful twists, bends, and colorful, creative imagery and visualization. Prepare to grow some wings in this fiery flow.

Yin/Yang Yoga

This workshop is all about balance.



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