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Joe Barnett (ERYT-500) based in Tucson, AZ, has been teaching for 19 years. He travels nationally and internationally year round offering presentations and trainings on Yin and Yang (Vinyasa) forms of Yoga. He provides a deep study (both experiential and theoretical) of the skeleton and fascia of the body, as well as the Meridians and Chakras of the “subtle body.”

For nearly two decades, Joe has been a devoted student of Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga. For one decade, Joe has been one of only a few senior teaching assistants of Paul Grilley (, a true Yoga Scientist and founder of Yin Yoga. In 2011, after several years of this work Paul began sending Joe across the globe to spread the word of his teacher’s work:

•Yin Yoga

•Functional Anatomy

•Chakra Meditation.

Joe offers teacher trainings, workshops, and an intensive lecture series with a slide shows, chalk board schematics and most importantly interactive, hands-on analyses.

Joe’s other on-going teachers include Gil Hedley and other cadaver dissection masters who reveal the physical continuity (fascia) of the subtle energy patterns (meridians) felt in a Yoga practice…and Takeshima-Sensei from the Institute for Human Sciences established in Tokyo and California by his and Grilley’s teacher, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama.

Joe’s play time, on the other hand, has been AcroYoga since 2006 when he met Jason Magness ( In 2010, Joe traveled to Montreal to receive both levels of certification through the original AcroYogis Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg (



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